Feedly Pro Service Sold Out in Hours

Feedly has had a terrific time ever since Google decided to shutter down its RSS Reader. The Service has seen a wave of user sign ups due to favorable reviews, an easy migration path of users of Google RSS Reader and powering an API from their own Back-end. With more than 12 million plus users now on Feedly, the team has launched off its Paid Subscription Service, Feedly Pro, to improve productivity and make the service sustainable in the future.

The Feedly Pro service, available at $45 annually or $5 per month is focused on providing 4 features to begin with: Article Search, Secure feedly browsing via HTTPS, Evernote Integration and Premium Support. To kick-off the announcement, the first 5,000 backers of the Feedly Pro were offered a life-time membership of the Pro service at $99.99 and it completely sold-out this offer within 8 hours.

The Article Search feature will allow users to search for articles within the Feedly feeds and the Evernote integration is expected to help developers one-click their way to move articles from the feeds to Evernote. On top of these, the Pro service will be more secure via the use of HTTPs and will have premium support to go with when it comes to customer support. The Feedly API will also provide Developers the ability to use the Pro Features via the API itself.

The company says that Feedly Pro will enable them to  power more features for Feedly with the plan to offer Pro features for free in a staggered manner. The first Pro feature that is planned for fremium is HTTPs.

The fact that Feedly Pro $99.99 Lifetime Membership offer got sold out within hours and the increasing number of Applications building off the Feedly API, shows the terrific backing that it has. It does demonstrate that consumption of information over the web via standard and simple means is thriving.

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