Feedzai Releases Fraud Detection API Enhancements

Feedzai, a data science company dedicated to making commerce safe, has launched a number of enhancements to the Fraud API it launched last Fall. The improvements give users more nuanced information surrounding customer and payers, and gives users the ability to better search, filter, and segment data. Feedzai developed the enhancements after direct feedback received from its partner community through its developer portal and certified partner program.

We've validated a lot of what we've already initially discovered about retailer needs by handling the millions of dollars of purchases that have come through the Feedzai API in the last several months," Nuno Sebastiao, Feedzai CEO, said in a press release. "These businesses are looking for plug-in software with open architecture like Kill Bill that can better handle highly custom business logic. Our certified partners continue to innovate by embedding anti-fraud as a service to ultimately create beautiful experiences for sellers and buyers.

Since the initial API launch in October, Feedzai has seen massive adoption of its services. As Sebastiao mentioned, Feedzai has handled millions of dollars in transactions for partners like Kill Bill. Kill Bill co-creator Pierre-Alexandre Meyer, commented:

Over the past few years, we've seen tremendous innovation by fraudsters, and it's getting more and more difficult to distinguish legitimate credit card transactions from criminal ones....Rule-based fraud detection solutions simply don't work anymore. We're very excited to partner with Feedzai because their Machine Learning algorithms will help us help our merchants fight fraud more effectively.

Specific enhancements to the API include blacklisting and whitelisting, search and filtering, increased payer information, a new dashboard for all devices, and live alerts. The blacklisting and whitelisting feature allows users to keep track of bad actors and know when such customers attempt to make a purchase, while trusted customers are added to a safe list. Users can now review data more efficiently by searching and filtering through parameters like risk score, amount, date, and address. New payer information available on the dashboard includes first 6 digits of a credit card, card brand, cardholder name, and CVV code. The new dashboard is available on all mobile devices which expedites order fulfillment. Suspicious activity can now be reported in realtime via the Live Alerts feature. Live Alerts is currently in beta and those interested should contact the team to join the beta.

Feedzai has been busy over the past two quarters. From an initial API launch to significant adoption and associated partner feedback, Feedzai is looking to be a leader in fraud detection and prevention. Check out Feedzai's new API features today, and keep an eye out for more to come in the future.

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