Feet on the Ground Cloud Management: Storagemadeeasy's API

The StorageMadeEasy API focuses on the hybrid cloud market. It unifies disparate data sources, helps IT capture and index Saas and Cloud services, works with many mobile and computing devices with many integrations such as Wordpress and Facebook, and helps manage Cloud sprawl.

As their October 11 2012 press release featured in the San Francisco Chronicle stated,

Vehera has "rebranded SMEStorage to 'Storage Made Easy' as it more accurately reflects where our business is at," stated CEO Ian Osborne.

"We have found increasingly our service is being used by corporate clients, and resold to corporate and Enterprise Clients by our resellers. The ability to unify access and management to disparate data combined with strong Audit, BYOD [Bring Your Own Device] Management, and e-Compliance capabilities, coupled with fast cross-service file search from any client or device, has meant that our roadmap has increasingly become dictated by our corporate clients."

The API, which dates from 2010, has three principal features:

  • CloudDav enables Storage Made Easy users to access their files using WebDav, regardless of whether the clouds support it natively. Clouds include Amazon S3, RackSpace Cloud Files, Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox;
  • Amazon S3 API is implemented on top of SMES's own API;
  • and CloudFTP, which is an implementation above the Storage Made Easy API, enabling users to access cloud files from different cloud providers using FTP clients.

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