The Feinsearch API: They've Got Your Number

The XML-based  Feinsearch API makes it possible for companies seeking to do multiple searches, sometimes in the thousands, to integrate that capability into their own programs via its proprietary EIN Batchmatch. The Feinsearch database has more than 16 million business and suppliers.

The API webpage does not list any technical specifications, suggesting the information would be provided to IT departments as needed.

Data access options are much more comprehensive than the name Feinsearch would suggest. They include SSN verification, cell phone finder and reverse, registered sex offenders, drivers license verification, and many others.

Because the needs of large corporate customers varies grately, Feinsearch can work with clients to customize searches. It can also correct data in customers files. As it states, "Simply send us your Excel data file – we will crunch it, analyze and call you with results and a proposal that works for you.  You get all your data corrected, appended, if missing, and enhanced with updated addresses (optional) and enhanced Data Points."

Feinsearch sports an impressive list of clients, from WellsFargo to Exxon Mobil. One testimonial listed on the Feinsearch mainpage put it this way:

"This blew Dunn & Bradstreet out of the water; at least three times the matches, at 1/3rd the price...."
--Mr. Bassi, Sr. Investment Banker, Citi Global

Prices below are for single seat only.

Feinsearch is headquartered in Palm Coast, Florida.

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