Fetch, Mindmeld API Provide Apple Watch Concierge Service

Fetch Provides Apple Watch Concierge via Mindmeld API

Fetch Apple Watch app uses Mindmeld's API to streamline concierge services.

We now live in a world wherein it is possible to ask your smartwatch to book a flight or buy concert tickets. Fetch today launched a new version of its app for the Apple Watch and other devices that brings the power of artifcial intelligence to its request engine. Fetches relies on Mindmeld's API to make all the magic happen behind the scenes. Here's the story. 

Fetch is a personal concierge service of sorts. The app, launched last year for Android and iOS, lets people make requests that are then acted upon by Fetch's experts. It is powered by real people who find users the best price -- they'll even look for coupon codes -- and place orders on behalf of the user.

Before teaming up with Mindmeld, every single request required a Fetch employee to verify and act upon the user submission. Users could submit requests via text, photo, or spoken word. As you can imagine, using real people to go over every request limits how much Fetch can process. Enter Mindmeld. 

Mindmeld offers companies a voice-based artificial intelligence application. With Mindmeld, companies can add voice-driven experiences to their own applications. Mindmeld's API is the hook needed to access this power. The API lets third-party apps reach into the artificial intelligence engine for processing voice commands and spoken language requests. 

For example, a Fetch user can say: "Book me on the first flight to Portland tomorrow morning."  Rather than send the request to a person for processing, Fetch zaps the request through Mindmeld's artificial intelligence platform, which analyzes the request, automatically searches the best possible flights, and sends the results to Fetch's team of experts. The expert then selects the best option and completes the purchase based on feedback from the end user.

Without Mindmeld's artificial intelligence backbone, Fetch was processing such requests in about 10 to 15 minutes. Adding Mindmeld's API to its own app let Fetch cut that process down to about 1 to 2 minutes. That's a huge improvement. Rather than force Fetch experts to handle the requests from start to finish, Mindmeld lets Fetch automate a significant chunk of each request and requires employee input only to verify the results. 

"MindMeld is the most advanced artificial intelligence platform for understanding spoken and natural language requests," said Tom Hadfield, chief executive officer of Fetch. "It makes perfect sense that we would combine the capabilities of both platforms to streamline our personal concierge service using MindMeld's advanced AI."

Fetch is already available to the iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets. It's now also compatible with the Apple Watch. This means Apple Watch owners can make requests through their smartwatch. Yes, the future is fully here, thanks in part to Mindmeld's API. 

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