Fhoster: The Livebase API Makes Creating Cloud Databases a Snap

Fhoster's Livebase API is a built-in REST API supporting HTML5, JSON and XML that allows users to create databases in cloud. Details on the API guide you through 5 steps. First is accessing a cloudlet. Fhoster defines a cloudlet as "A small piece of cloud just for you. It contains a dedicated MySQL database and everything you need to execute your models." The second step is accessing an application within the Cloudlet. Third is access a class within the application. Fourth is retrieving a structured object. Fifth and last is navigating an association from an object's part.

Based in Rome, Italy, Fhoster aims to get users to create cloud databases through 3 steps. First, you create a cloudlet  for your data 1 click.  The second step is to draw the model of your database right in your browser. And the third step is to just drop your model into the cloudlet.

It's really simple. As they state on their website,

"With Livebase™, you can draw a conceptual model of your clients' data in real time (even while they describe it to you), and then turn the model into a custom application, generated and deployed on a secure cloud infrastructure (ours, yours, IBM's, Amazon's, ...), in seconds. Create a usable application in fraction of the time your competitors take to write a paper offer. You can even read your client's spreadsheet to automatically create a first version of the model, already filled with their data."

Pricing ranges from 30 Euros a month for a single onlne member to 600 euros a month for 20 team members. Database objects, storage and traffic limits rise in tandem with the subscription price.

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