Field Nation API: Freelance Computer Technician Services

The SOAP-based Field Nation API allows your app to do a range of activities possible on the site, from finding technicians to monitoring work in progress.

Field Nation covers a wide range of areas of expertise, from health care to computers to helping individuals install home entertainment systems.

Field Nation has a number of online help videos to talk you through using the site, from assigning a work order to completing one, as well as a large list of how-to documentation. The documents cover a wide range of subjects from managing work orders to marketing yourself as a computer technician.

Field Nation's blog is also chock full of tips aimed at both parties--the technicians and those hiring them. For example, an entry on "Client Customer Relationship Building" suggests that before a technician commits to a job, they need to focus on three things: "Know and understand the scope of work before accepting the job," "Take pride" in your work by going the extra mile, and "Act in a professional manner."

Field Nation aims to make life easy by paying the technicians themselves. Those using the services fund an account in advance out of which payments are made; Field Nation handles the paper work like W-9s and 1099s.

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