Fighting Off The Fraudsters: Socure API

The World Wide Web can be a charlatan's playground with the potential of accessing reams of personal details and passwords to exploit as they please. Of course, there are secure solutions in place and we can all do our bit to ensure our information remains safe, but in some cases, fraud manages to succeed. Socure is an identity fraud detection service aimed at providing organisations or website owners with the tools to help prevent fraud and ensure that their customers are who they say they are. Socure's API makes it possible to integrate this functionality into websites and applications.


Socure's Social Biometrics Solution is an Artificial Intelligence system and proprietary machine that uses social behaviour pattern analysis to learn algorithms and ultimately determine whether the identification used on a site registration is authentic or not. It's based on the principal that a person's social behaviour is unique to them, and by focussing on the strength of these social behaviours on various social networks, the solution can determine the authenticity of a user's identity online. The system also offers users a customised reporting and analytics dashboard that enables them to gain valuable insights and easily monitor the percentage of fraudulent activity on a particular website.


Socure provides a JSON/REST and XML/ SOAP API in order to easily integrate this data with websites or applications. Using the API will make it possible to verify the authenticity of a new user signing up, verify any fraud risks that an existing user may pose or evaluate any fraud risks on either side of an online financial transaction, thereby protecting businesses and their customers at every stage. Further information is available on Socure's website. Also, make sure to check out the 265 Security APIs listed in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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