Figma Launches Design Platform and Web API

Figma, an interface design and collaboration tool, has launched the Figma Platform and the first release of the Figma API. The API will initially support three core operations related to Figma design files. The operations are read design files, read and write comments to design files, and render design files. Design files can be read in an open JSON file format, and they can be rendered into standard image formats such as JPG, PNG, and SVG. The company plans on adding more capabilities to future versions of the Figma API. Among the API capabilities coming soon are Webhooks, write functionality, and extensions.

Figma is a browser-based interface design tool that can be used by teams to collaborate on software design projects. Figma provides teams a number of features for designing software such as editing tools, prototyping and communication capabilities, team libraries, and live device preview. The new API allows Figma design files, file images, and projects to be programmatically retrieved by third-party applications. The API can also be used to get and post comments on design files. Developers can use the API to build and maintain public Figma platform integrations.

The company has published several open source example projects on GitHub that demonstrates how the API can be used. The projects include the Figma Custom Mockup Generator, Figma Spell-Check, and Figma Kaleidoscope.

For more information about the Figma Platform and Web API, visit

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