File-sharing Mashup Gets Incubated at Yahoo After Hack Event

Yahoo has had a rich tradition of organizing hack events globally, where developers come together for a day or two and hack on Yahoo APIs. Now imagine a battle of champions, where all previous winners of Yahoo’s worldwide Open Hack and University Hack Day events are pitted against each other in an event with the grand prize winner earning a year of incubation with Yahoo. Well, Yahoo just did that.

The first ever Hack All-Stars event was held in New York City recently and it brought together 37 hackers who were previous winners at various Yahoo Events. The format was simple. Give the teams 24 hours of access to Yahoo's products, platforms and various APIs. A total of 16 hacks were delivered by the teams and Ruum, a fast and easy file-sharing tool emerged the overall winner.

Ruum was created by Team D1W from Carnegie Mellon University. The product is a file sharing tool, that enables users to collaborate in an interactive space, where they can share content, chat with others and leave comments. The D1W team not just won $10,000 for their efforts but a great opportunity of spending a year getting incubated at Yahoo and bringing Ruum to the market.

The winners were selected by senior executives from Yahoo and Forbes. Other hacks included video search, photo collages, music recommendation and more. Visit the entire list of hacks.

Yahoo Developer Network continues to provide great tools to create applications around Yahoo services. More University Hack Events are planned and you should visit the Hack University site for more details.

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