Filepicker: Killing Upload with Drag and Drop

From Polaroid that threatened film developing to Apple that eliminated keyboards on phones, a class of killer innovation thrives on what it destroys. Now comes Cloudtop with the next why-didn't-I-think-of-that? transformation,, out to destroy downloads and "make the upload button obsolete," according to the founders, Anand Dass, Liyan David Chang, Brett van Zuiden and Thomas Georgiou.

As the Wall Street Journal reported, May 17, "CloudTop’s tech could, for example, let a Google user drag and drop a photo from Picasa into their Facebook Timeline, then over to a WordPress blog post, and a board on Pinterest–all without redundant uploading, downloading and file re-labeling. It works even if someone is accessing their files via the Safari browser on an iPad."

With the launch July 12, Wired quoted CloudTop CEO Brett van Zuiden, “Our vision is to allow users to live and work entirely online and mobile devices are an integral part of that vision.”

“Wrapping around several APIs and keeping the integrations up to date is time consuming. Filepicker solves this problem by lowering the barrier facing mobile application developers in creating applications that can work with users’ online data and providing a better User Experience,” he said in Wired.

Cloudtop broke out of the gate this spring by claiming the $100,000 MIT business plan prize, an annual event that has helped start 160 companies in the last 25 years that collectively have since raised more than $1 billion in capital.

filepicker demo

Now its JavaScript API complete with a RESTful interface looks to invade the App world, having already signed on over 1,000 developers in 3 months.

The API allows for customizing saving and choosing files, even to the point of attaching to an email without downloading.

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