Filestack V3 API Now Features Intelligent Ingestion

Filestack, a file uploading, image transformation, and content delivery network (CDN) platform provider, has announced the Filestack v3 API has been extended to include access to the company’s new Intelligent Ingestion technology. Developers who have already configured the Filestack v3 API will be able to add Intelligent Ingestion with just the flip of a switch.

Built on top of the Filestack Content Ingestion Network (CIN), Intelligent Ingestion improves file upload performance by continuously monitoring and detecting network conditions so that the system can automatically resize and retry file uploads until they are successfully completed. Intelligent Ingestion divides files into properly sized chunks that are optimized for speed and ensure upload success even under tough network conditions. This new technology from Filestack is available via API, and the company has released new and updated SDKs for iOS, Android, Python, PHP, and Ruby.

"At first glance, developers do not always recognize the challenges associated with uploading files," said Filestack CTO Wayne Walls in a prepared statement. "It’s only when they start to complicate their algorithms to improve upload performance with chunking, asynchronous uploads, automatic retries, adjusting for changing network latency, and updating for third party APIs, do they realize they’ve opened a Pandora’s box, and would have been better off relying on a pre-built solution."

The addition of Intelligent Ingestion technology is the latest update to the Filestack platform. This past March, the company updated its platform with a completely redesigned embeddable File Picker, new JavaScript library, and redesigned platform backend. The company also launched a new machine-learning powered image tagging and explicit content detection API.

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