Filmaster Starring in New Movie API

Filmaster, a project started by two Polish movie addicts in 2008 has made moves that could catapult them into the big marquee. Filmaster takes it one step further than movie databases like IMDB and movie recommendation engines like Mombo by combining movies and recommendation with a complete community-based social experience. And to support all this, it has a website, mobile applications and a Filmaster API to fuel further adoption.

Filmaster provides the complete social experience when it comes to films. You can start rating films based on a variety of categories, you can follow users and get their recommendations, provide user comments and all the works, that we expect from social sites. Getting started with Filmaster is easy. Sign up directly or use your Facebook/Twitter credentials. The next thing to do is to setup some preferences like movies you like, your interests, etc., so that its recommendation engine can kick in.

But Filmaster does not end there. It is taking a real shot at the combination of “Social + Location” when it comes to movies. The plan is clearly to be the “Foursquare of Movies” and they want to achieve that by giving you mobile applications on iOS and Android devices. The idea is that you use the mobile app to announce your check-in to local theaters, what movies you are seeing, ratings and so on. Filmaster combines this information along with other users in your neighborhood to give you a chance to connect with like-minded people when it comes to movie tastes or just to let you know what people in your area thought about a particular movie. In case you are interested, Filmmaster is inviting you to beta test their apps if you are in US or Europe.

Filmaster also has announced an open and free API that taps into its data and algorithms. The first version of its API is quite complete. It allows Authentication with OAuth, searching for movies, recommendations, retrieve/posting comments and much more. Some features, which are in Beta are finding local showtimes and checking in to the film screening in a movie theater.

The API is REST-based with JSON as the data format. The API documentation is detailed but the sample application provided could be confusing at first. You will need to know the username of someone at Filmaster who has done some recommendations to really get started with it. Rate limits are not defined as of now, but are most likely being monitored to avoid excess usage. The API requires use of OAuth and provides both a dev and production environments.

Filmaster has burst onto the scene in an area that includes heavy weights like IMDB. To its credit, the company has positioned itself well with a social site, mobile applications and an API. Movies stir some of the strongest opinions in people and Filmaster is betting that when the credits roll, the company's name will be right there.

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