FilmCrave Releases API for Movie Data

Social movie review web site FilmCrave recently released a new API (our FilmCrave API Profile) that provides developers with access to various types of content, including member movie reviews, movie plots, and movie ratings.  Originally developed as an API for use by one of its business partners, FilmCrave decided to make the API publicly available in order to encourage third parties to integrate FilmCrave's content with other web sites.

FilmCrave API

According to Alex Olson, Co-Founder of FilmCrave:

We wanted to prove that we’re truly an entertainment website and not just a social network. The hope is that other movie sites, such as theater companies and DVD rental places, will embrace the FilmCrave API to enhance their users’ experience, improving brand loyalty.

Content accessible via the API includes:

  • Data for 20,000 movies
  • 10,000 movie reviews
  • 150,000 movie ratings
  • Thousands of movie trailers
  • Plots, cast, release dates & more

Documentation is available for developers who sign up for the API (this includes reviewing and signing an API License Agreement). You can check out the first mashup developed with the API by checking movies listed at HiDefDVD (our HiDefDVD Mashup Profile).

HiDef DVD and Blue Ray Shop

Be sure to check out some similar APIs, including the VideoDetective API, the Netflix API, and The New York Times Movie Reviews API.

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