Finally, Twitter Gives Developers a Home

In many ways Twitter is a Platform to be admired. But how and where it communicates with its developer community has been a bit lacking. At the Chirp conference, Twitter launched the sort of home for discussion and information that should make Twitter developers happy.

The new site puts Documentation, status information, forums and more all under one roof.

Previously things were quite a bit more disjointed. There was a Wiki for documentation (it's still around). There are still a number of places to discuss the Twitter API, but Twitter has placed its various communication methods in one easy to find location.

More exciting are the features that didn't exist before, such as a dashboard to see the API status, complete with the last week's history. There's also a API sandbox (pictured below) to play around with commands (it was inspired by hurl).

Overall, Twitter has made its API even more approachable. And that's good, because we expect more developers will be interested in tapping Twitter's flow of information. True to Twitter's open, egalitarian roots, now anyone who has an interest also has a place to go.

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