Brings Accounting to the Cloud with Accounting API, focused on building cloud based business applications on the Platform, has released an API for its accounting application (i.e. The FinancialForce Accounting API). The API gives access to the entire suite of accounting tools available through the accounting platform (e.g. cash management, reporting and dashboards, ordering and billing, etc.). Although built the application with, and the target audience began with developers, the application has been integrated with many platforms and APIs (e.g. Google Apps, Basecamp, Facebook, PayPal, etc.)

In its short existence, has recruited an allstar customer base across its entire portfolio and its Accounting API can boast of groundbreaking progress. From Pandora Radio to the U.S. News & World Report, customers have offered praise to for their dedication to cloud based products that offer automation and simplicity in a traditionally manual industry. Carl Herman, University of Houston Director of Partner Relations, offered thanks to

"FinancialForce Accounting is easy to access and easy to use, increasing the chances that our sales students will be able to resolve any billing problems in time for graduation."

The Accounting API uses SOAP protocol and and XML data format. Developers can access standard accounting functions (e.g. post accounts payable, define chart accounts, ledger and journal entries for transactions, etc.) through the API. Set up is simple and the data remains in a secure hosted environment.

As with many industries, accounting has begun the switch from traditional, on premise tools to quick, robust, and resilient cloud-based applications. Additionally, consider the difference in a monthly payment for usage compared to perpetual licensing of traditional packages and seems like a no brainer and an inevitable migration for business applications. Interested developers can register at the setup page.

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