Find A Clinical Trial For What Ails You is a service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health. The site provides detailed information on all U.S. clinical trials currently underway. With the API, the question “What recent clincial trials have examined garlic” can be answered. That’s right, garlic is a therapeutic agent under active research.  This data repository contains data on trials of both pharmacueticals and dietary supplements.

Clinical trials are studies that evaluate a certain therapy for its ability to treat a specific condition. These trials then become the basis on which new treatments are created.  Trials proceed from initial safety investigations all the way through long term surveillance after the drug is on the market.

The repository at can be searched through a simple RESTful search API which takes arguments for condition, intervention, outcomes, sponsors, and recruiting status.  Results include geographic location and contact details.  This allows the mashup developer to produce a site that could allow individuals seeking treatment for a condition to more readily find and join a trial.

The Clinical Trials API is one of 27 medical APIs in the index.

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