Find the Next Big Wave with Swellcast's Surf Forecast API

Swellcast combines all weather data needed to forecast surf conditions for surfers around Australia, and consolidates the data into a user friendly interface that takes the complexity out of understanding when and where the next big wave will appear. Swellcast also offers the forecast data and surf conditions through the Swellcast API.  Swellcast founder (Ray Stone), veteran surfer and web designer, combined his dual interests and created a product that can easily integrate with other apps and websites that surfers utilize on a frequent basis.

The Forecast API uses REST protocol and JSON data format. The data underlying the platform pulls from the Wave Watch III program, a physical and mathematical modelling system run by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The API provides forecast data from specific locations across Australia. Those interested can learn more at the API page.

Surfers are mobile by nature. Surf forecasts are vital to a surfer's choice of location. What if a surfer could get surf updates every 30 minutes while on the go? What if that same surfer could get a forecast and buy a new board at the same time? Swellcast's Forecast API allows such possibilities and might revolutionize surf forecasting.

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