Findaspot Simplifies Finding a Location to Meet with New API

Findaspot, a geolocation services company based in Los Angeles, recently announced the release of their flagship service and corresponding API. The service hopes to aid groups in finding a place to meet that is convenient for all parties. 

The new Findaspot service takes on a common and frustrating problem, finding somewhere that groups can meet up that is equally convenient for all parties. The service compares driving routes to evaluate the impact of traffic, is integrated with Yelp to find well rated establishments worth meeting at, and simplifies communication between parties. The open Findaspot APITrack this API was built with the idea of integration with social media, dating, or maps applications for example.

The company has an application that is available on iOS and Google Play, which should help developers demo the functionality. Findaspot is currently offering extended free trial periods, and provides ample documentation for interested developers. 

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