FinFolio Launches Standalone Wealth Management API

FinFolio, investment portfolio management software provider, has launched its REST API as a standalone product: The API targets wealth managers, and their tech teams, to assist with the creation of wealth management apps, client portals, and other tools. Portfolio management and trading software products are complicated to build, and traditionally, building such products required massive upfront Resource investments. FinFolio believes its API provides all of the essential tools to easily create such products without requiring a developer to invest in the typical infrastructure and development costs.

"We have created something unique for professional wealth managers and the startups who target them," FinFolio CEO, Matt Abar, commented in a press release. "This is a powerful tool for building high-end client portals and wealth management apps. It is a stand-alone component that can be hosted and run by FinFolio, or put behind your firewall and operated without per-account fees."

The inspiration for came to the FinFolio team as they reviewed the internal tools the company used to operate on a day to day basis. They found a common thread amongst  Gmail, Slack, Asana, ZenDesk, and Hubspot: APIs. Each app the team used on a daily basis easily communicated with other apps through an API. With that in mind, the team sought out to build a standalone API for wealth management; what would become is a RESTful API with a seemingly endless host of wealth management functions. Over 100 financial calculations (e.g. rate of return, tax costs/gains, fixed income instruments, etc.) can be run at the household, strategy, client or account levels. An automated trading process aggregates multiple required steps into a single pipeline. A flexible billing and payout engine support most client billing scenarios. The API also plays well with others with over 25 built in custodial imports for household names like Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and others. If the provider desired is not available for bulk import, users can easily call data item-by-item with standard REST methods. To view the Docs, or learn more, check out the Test Drive. includes everything that the FinFolio app includes. FinFolio expects to announce the release of FinFolio 2.0 soon. The API can be used as a standalone product, in conjunction with other tools, or alongside the FinFolio App. Visit the site to learn more.

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