Finicity Announces New ACH Account Verification API

Finicity recently announced the release of its new ACH Account Verification API. The service enables payment and investment app developers to verify account details required to initiate inbound ACH account transfers. Finicity provides financial app developers more than 1,400 direct integrations to help improve new client onboarding and ongoing funds verification sourcing.

“At Finicity, we’re committed to expanding our APIs and services to enrich existing partner offerings and open new partner markets,” said Nick Thomas, co-founder and president of Finicity Data Services. “The ACH Account Verification API accomplishes both by providing foundational payment and investment account funding services across a high percentage of deposit accounts in the U.S.”

In addition to the new ACH Account Verification offering, Finicity continues to deliver Financial Data APIs for the industry, including transaction and account data, account history and account statement aggregation. Finicity is also the maker of the TxPUSH API, which aims to make it easier for developers to use the Finicity API Platform to receive account and transaction data instantly.

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