Fiorano API Management Released To Increase Enterprise Data Value

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Fiorano Software, a leading provider of enterprise Integration and messaging infrastructure technology today announced general availability of Fiorano API Management, enabling companies to expose Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to unique corporate data to create value that many companies have difficulty unlocking on their own.

Web APIs are now the centerpiece of today’s enterprise, connecting anything and everything, enabling a new, evolving economy. But as companies wade deeper into the digital economy, there is an increasing concern for IT to exposing its most precious data assets to external eyes over the Web.

Fiorano API Management provides a secure, robust Platform that helps organizations monitor the APIs lifecycle and deliver the level of service customers and partners require while maintaining the security of corporate and customer information and assets. Fiorano forms an ideal gateway between any applications and services via cloud, mobile and partner channels, delivering new agility to modernize, innovate, and rationalize previously siloed data and capabilities. The solution includes tools for creating, proxying, assembling, securing, Scaling and socializing web APIs.

“We offer a robust platform and productive tools for architects to integrate, or transform any digital asset into aesthetically designed APIs and for companies to capitalize on all possible developer channels to maximize API adoption. Uniquely, Fiorano is alone in the industry in delivering a fully integrated, enterprise-ready solution comprising API Management, Enterprise Integration and B2B Integration,” said Atul Saini, CEO of Fiorano Software.

Fiorano API Management enables enterprises to easily create new business models and revenue streams, enabling lines of business (LOBs) and their suppliers over new mobility, social channels and Internet of Things (IoT), enhancing customer reach through partner and third party applications, monetizing data and services for use by others and maximizing IT efficiency.

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