Firebase Enables Integration with 250 Apps through Zapier

Firebase, a realtime backend that lets you build entire apps with just Front-end code, announced Monday it is partnering with Zapier. The partnership will allow developers to easily integrate a host of backend services (like Twilio, Sendgrid, Mailchimp and many, many others) into their apps with just a few simple clicks.

For those unfamiliar, Firebase is a realtime data service for building collaborative browser-based apps. Think of it as a Dropbox for JavaScript objects. It works by storing data in a central repository in the cloud. If one client updates the repository, Firebase then propagates those changes out to thousands of other clients in milliseconds. You don't have to worry about creating your own server-side Stack or any network connectivity on the client-side.

Firebase works well, but up until now, a piece had been missing. If you wanted to connect to another web app, you had to spin up a separate server on the backend. The reason being is that all these other web apps make you store secret keys for Authentication.

But now, thanks to a partnership with Zapier, you don't have to do that anymore. Zapier lets you set up triggers in Firebase that set off actions in any one of 250 web apps with a few simple clicks. (In case you haven't heard of Zapier, it is a web app Integration service similar to IFTTT, but with more apps, and more of a focus on business and productivity.)

With Zapier, developers who use Firebase can now do things like send an SMS alert via Twilio when someone adds a new record, send a welcome email via Sendgrid if someone new signs up for your service. Or, if someone purchases something on your site, you can automatically send them an invoice. The possibilities are endless.

Anyone can try out the service. After you create an account in Zapier, you simply log-in to set up a trigger (an event that occurs in Firebase) and link it to an action in another service.

The whole thing might look something like this:

In addition to integrating with other APIs, you can also use Zapier to pull in data sources, including AngelList (lists of new startups) or Hipchat (for viewing your team’s chat history). Now you can easily build a host of new apps with data coming in and out of these services.

In order to use the integrated Zapier service, you will need a Zapier account. Pricing goes from free for five “zaps” a month up to $99 for 125 zaps/month.

By Amy Castor. Amy is a freelance writer for You can reach her at Connect to Amy on Twitter at @ahcastor