Firebase Enhances Platform with Emulator Tools, Data Analysis, and Performance Insights

The Firebase Summit 2020 is going on right now, with both live stream and on-demand sessions. During the summit, Firebase has introduced several new features and updates to the Platform, all designed to make app development easier. The main feature updates fall into three categories: emulator tools, data analysis tools, and performance insights.

Firebase originally released its Firebase Emulator Suite last year. It enabled developers to run emulated versions of Firebase backend products for a fast and safe development experience. Now, users can test the entire user process locally. This allows developers to test without production data, and keep costs low. Additionally, the Emulator Suite now includes support for Firebase Authentication.

Regarding its data analysis tools, Firebase has added features that specifically provide actionable insights. For example, users can now use custom data segments when analyzing data within Firebase products like Cloud Messaging and In-App Messaging. This is similar to what customers have been doing with BigQuery Integration for years, but it can now be accomplished within the Firebase platform.

Firebase has also focused on actionable insights when it comes to performance. Firebase has redesigned its performance monitoring dashboard so users can see critical performance metrics across apps. At all times, developers have access to data that shows exactly what's going on in an app (e.g. are any users experiencing slowness?). Developers can add the metrics that are most important to them.

For a complete list of updates, check out the blog post announcement. Visit the Firebase Summit 2020 site to collaborate with the Firebase team in real-time. The summit includes demos, codelabs, and pathways for these new features.