Firefox Says Hello To Web Audio API

Native Applications have trumped Web applications over the years when it comes to handling rich media. With HTML5, the tide began to search where Audio and Video became first class citizens in your Web applications. While the features were limited, it was a good start and Web developers began to push the envelope with what could be done with Audio and Video via native support in the browsers itself.

The Web Audio API specification describes it as a "high-level JavaScript  API for processing and synthesizing audio in web applications". Firefox has now announced support for the Web Audio API in Firefox Nightly and Firefox Aurora Builds. The API is clearly targeted towards Web applications that want to integrate advanced audio processing.

The blog post describes a code sample on how to integrate Web Audio in your application. The example demonstrates how to preload a sound into the audio buffer and play it precisely when an event occurs in the application. The Audio API support in browsers is not new with Chrome being the first browser that supported it via the webkitAudioContext prefix. Firefox has implemented the standard API and also provides a porting guide to help Developers modify their applications if they used the webkitAudioContext prefix.

The Web Audio API is expected to roll out in Firefox 24 for desktop and Android soon. If you cannot wait to hear it work, you can always access the nightly build.

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