The First Telephony Mashup Contest

As you can see on the /contests page here, there have been lots of mashup contests on lots of topics held in the past two years. This week there's an entirely new form of mashup contest for developers: the O'Reilly Media and StrikeIron Telephony Mashup Contest. What is it and how do you compete? Here are the details from the announcement:

O’Reilly Media and StrikeIron are proud to announce the first ever Telephony Mashup Contest. This new contest provides a stage for developers to demonstrate their creative skills using emerging telephony technologies such as PBX, IVR, and Web Service APIs.

A telephony mashup is a voice, Web or mobile application (PBX, IVR, VOIP, SMS, Text Messaging, etc.) that combines content from more than one source to create a new user experience. Qualifying entries must demonstrate how an application can use one or more sources of content in an inventive way to benefit users. Any tool or platform that involves content (see StrikeIron or ProgrammableWeb) telephony (ex: VOIP, SMS, Text Messaging, PBX, IVR) can be used to create a mashup is qualified for submission.

The top three prizes are $1500, $1000 and $500 respectively. Winners will be presented at the O'Reilly ETel Emerging Telephony Conference the week of February 27th.

Sounds like it should lead to some very interesting applications and we'll be sure to get them listed here. As they say, "Put your Voice App where your Mouth is".

There are now 2 active and 21 previous competitions on the Contests page.

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I hope someone develops a better Skype application for There is a huge opportunity that is being missed. Figure out how to integrate skype calling and texting with a tracking component within the framework and a lot of companies will jump on board.

Great idea Chris -- and both Skype and Salesforce have good, active developer communities. Maybe the contest will provide the incentive to make this happen.

[...] Right on the heels of last week’s announcement of the first-ever telephony mashup contest from O’Reilly and StrikeIron, this week comes another: the Microsoft and BT Connected Services Sandbox competitions. What is it? Here’s some details from their announcement at 3GSM World Congress 2007 in Barcelona: To help promote the development of innovative customer solutions that merge traditional telecommunications offerings such as voice or text messaging with Web 2.0 applications such as mapping or search. The competitions will be managed by TopCoder…and winners of each competition will receive prizes ranging from $2,500 to $25,000. [...]

[...] What happens when you offer cash prizes to developers in order to create telephony-based mashups? We found out last week at O’Reilly’s ETel Emerging Telephony Conference where they and StrikeIron announced the winners in the O’Reilly Media and StrikeIron Telephony Mashup Contest (see our previous coverage). And as it turns-out, there were some very good entries. Who won? You can now see the top three in our directory: [...]