FirstRain Launches API to Increase Use of Predictive Analytics in Enterprise Apps

FirstRain, a personal business analytics Platform provider, has announced the launch of a FirstRain API that allows enterprise developers to incorporate FirstRain platform functionality into third-party applications and systems. The new FirstRain API provides programmatic access to real-time data from the proprietary FirstRain business graph, which the company says "extracts the deep, interconnected relationships between companies, businesses and markets."

FirstRain is a personal business analytics platform that can be easily integrated with third-party applications and systems. The platform is capable of finding and organizing business-relevant data from global Internet content such as social media sites and news and business sites. FirstRain uses machine learning technology, graph technology and patented semantic algorithms (natural language processing) to extract meaning from "millions of documents across the Web in real time." This global Internet data is then used to create personalized analytics and visualizations that are specific to a company's business needs.

The new FirstRain API allows enterprises to provide their own customers with FirstRain unstructured data and social analytics, which can be used to create personalized and engaging applications. The purpose of the FirstRain API is to help increase the use of predictive analytics in enterprise applications, especially applications that drive revenue. In addition to the API, FirstRain can be integrated with only a single line of code into third-party software applications such as and SharePoint.

Penny Herscher, FirstRain president and CEO, said in a press release:

This powerful new API helps enterprise developers take advantage of FirstRain’s personal and predictive analytics to easily build custom apps that mine the FirstRain-generated business graph, extract personalized meaning and trends in real time from the millions of documents and tweets across the Web, and guide their users to action. We are opening up the deep data science technologies that FirstRain has built over the last 10 years to developers everywhere in order to help our customers and partners drive revenue growth and customer engagement for sales, marketing and business teams throughout the enterprise.

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