FitBark API Brings Lifestyle Tech to the Canine World

Any dog lover would do the utmost to provide beloved pets with exactly what they need for health and well-being. But, since humans don’t speak dog and dogs don’t speak human, it’s not always easy to know exactly what these furry friends are trying to tell us about their general health. FitBark has set out to bridge this communication gap by providing dog owners with a tool that measures daily activity and sleep patterns, providing insight into changing behavior patterns and overall health. FitBark also provides the FItBark APITrack this API that allows developers to integrate this data into third-party mobile and Web apps.

The FitBark device fits on a dog’s collar and internally stores all activity and sleep information until it finds an authorized smartphone to sync with. Dog owners can then use the application to track and monitor all the information. But beyond just the domestic advantages, this kind of tool can open up a world of possibilities in the dog care world in general — animal shelters that want to monitor the health of their dogs, dog walking companies that want to track and monitor their employees, dog hotels that want to offer virtual check-ins for their customers, vet schools that want to track and analyze data, K9 search and rescue teams that want custom analytics, and so on. The availability of the FitBark API means that the door is open for innovation, and developers who want to build on this functionality have the means to do so.

The FitBark API features JSON protocols and requires OAuth2 authentication. Developers who are interested in accessing this functionality will first need to fill out an application form and register as a FitBark developer. Further API information is available on the FitBark website.

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