Fitbit Announces OS Developer Preview 3 and Made4Fitbit App Challenge

Fitbit, a health and fitness wearables provider, has announced the availability of the Fitbit OS Developer Preview 3 release and #Made4Fitbit App Challenge. Later this year, the company plans on releasing to the public the “first major Fitbit OS update” for Ionic users. Fitbit OS Developer Preview 3 is the final SDK revision before the upcoming major Fitbit OS update. The Fitbit SDK allows developers to quickly build apps and clock faces for Fitbit Ionic, a smartwatch that includes built-in GPS, heart rate tracking, personal coaching, and many other features.

The Fitbit OS Developer Preview 3 release provides new APIs and features including (but not limited to) the new Power API, the addition of the “brightnessOverride” parameter to the Display API, and the implementation of a permissions requirement. The new Power API allows apps to display device battery charging information such as battery charge level, charging status, and time until battery is fully charged. The brightnessOverride parameter allows apps to assign a value that overrides the default brightness level set and managed by the system.

The latest Fitbit SDK release includes the implementation of a permissions requirement. All applications developed for Fitbit OS must request permissions from the device user otherwise specific Fitbit OS Device and Companion API calls will return an error message. Developers can choose to implement activity, user profile, heartrate, location, and many other Fitbit permissions in applications. Developers can learn more about permissions by reviewing the Fitbit Developer Permissions Guide.

The company has also announced a #Made4Fitbit App Challenge where developers can complete for a chance to win several cash prizes. There are three application categories developers can compete in: Sports + Fitness, Health + Wellness, and Transportation + Local. The App submission deadline is December 6, 2017.

The company is encouraging developers to review the full Fitbit OS Developer Preview 3 release notes to find out about new features, deprecated methods, and potentially breaking changes. For more information about developing apps with Fitbit OS, visit the Fitbit Developers Website.

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