The FitBit Gets a Personal Fitness API

There is no shortage of great tools out there to help you get in shape and keep track of your progress. You may be familiar with Nike's Nike+ system, that is heavily integrated with the iOS Platform. It offers a great deal of data, but if you're like me, it wasn't enough to really rave about. Helpful, yes. Impressive, potentially. But FitBit, with its new FitBit API, has the potential to be much more.

About the Fitbit

FitBit is this great little clip-on attachment that you can attach to your body and it'll track you similarly to how the Nike+ does. You can even use the FitBit to monitor your sleep patterns and habits. It gets cooler. The FitBit syncs with your computer whenever you're within 15 feet of the included base station. Going a step further, FitBit offers a great website where you can see all of your stats and share it with friends or just keep track of how you're doing on your fitness goals.

FitBit, not resting on their laurels, has added an API. It's currently in beta, but it's very rich, so far. With the FitBit API, you have access to all of the data the site offers. User information, logged meals and exercises and pretty much any stat available on the site.


The FitBit API uses OAuth for authorization and is RESTful. Additionally, the API appears to also allow developers to subscribe to changes in user data, allowing for apps to work with data in real time without having to poll for information. I would have to assume this is a PubSubhubbub implementation. If so, that's only makes me more excited to start playing with this API.

I've been waiting a year or so for Nike to add an API to their Nike+ product. With FitBit's amazing product, website (did I mention there's a mobile web app that's equally impressive), and the new API, I'm in the FitBit camp. The idea that a developer can create my own fitness solution from accurate fitness data is a winner.

Hopefully, we'll start seeing FitBit mashups rolling out, soon. Head over to and get started.

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