Fitbit OS 3.0 Includes Four New Developer APIs

Fitbit has released Fitbit OS 3.0 for developers. The 3.0 SDK includes a suite of APIs that allow developers to create for the Fitbit Ionic and Versa smartwatches. The APIs allow applications to computer on-device calculations, launch third party applications, upload files, enable side-loading, and more.

3.0 specifically includes 4 new APIs:

  • Exercise API
  • Scientific API
  • File Transfer Upload API
  • App Launch API

The Exercise API is based on the core functionality of the Fitbit Exercise app. Through the API, developers gain access to 20 shortcuts from various exercise types; plus, developers can create custom exercise experiences. The API captures data points such as heart-rate, calories, steps, active minutes, and GPS data.

The Scientific API was designed for researchers. The API enables advanced on-devices calculations. Fitbit describes the high level optimization as "near-native performance." Additionally, the LinearFilter Function helps filter noise from sensor data.

The File Transfer Upload API helps streamline the previously clunky process of getting files off Fitbit devices. The API acts as a device file transfer outbox. Developers can add a file to the outfox queue on-device and it automatically transfers to the companion in the background.

The App Launch API enables one application to launch a different application. Data is also passed between the applications as arguments. Accordingly, if the clockface app also shows the temperature, the API allows a button to be added that provides more details about the weather.

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