Fitness Experience Provider, Preva Opens API to Developer Community

Preva, a personalized fitness experience, announced that it has opened its API up to the developer community. Now, developers can pull in-gym data to incorporate into third party apps and tools. The data available through the API includes workout summaries, lifetime metrics, goals, progress, and more.

Dave Flynt, Preva's Director of User Experience, explained:

"Since its launch in 2010, Preva has been providing the industry with a wealth of information on workout habits and trends....Using this data, industry stakeholders keep a firm grasp on what experiences exercisers are having in the gym, helping them better understand how best to facilitate an exerciser's fitness journey. Our data is more accurate than any survey, helping fitness players better hone in on what's needed to help consumers lead a healthier lifestyle."

Fitness Equipment maker, Precor, created Preva to enhance the workout experience. By networking workout equipment and devices, users can set goals, track progress, and uncover an unbiased assessment of workouts. EveryMove, health rewards organization, was an early adopter of the Preva API. EveryMove CEO, Russell Benaroya, commented:

"Like Precor, EveryMove is in the business of helping people improve themselves....Integrating with Preva, we've been able to help exercisers record their workouts and earn rewards from popular brands, their employer, their health care provider and even their gym. It's this positive association between working hard and being rewarded that will drive long-term change across the large portion of exercisers who strive to meet their fitness goals."

The Preva API uses REST protocol. For more information, visit the API site and download docs. Those interested can request access to a test environment through the developer portal.

Like our social lives, work environments, and educational methods; fitness has moved to an always-on, always-connected model. Preva offers a large pool of fitness related data that could prove significant insights in wellness programs. Now available through an open API, Preva has armed the developer community with this wealth of health data.

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