Fitness Site Finds APIs Help Cut Development Costs

Heidi Harman had an idea for a website to help women find group runs or walks. But Harman has what she calls "highly limited programming skills." So, she turned to APIs, which she says cut her expenses by about 50% compared to new development.

Run Along, Harman's female health community that is now in beta, was the result. Harman recently gave a talk about her experience at the Disruptive Code conference on APIs as a monetizing strategy. The slides (embedded below) show five examples, including Run Along's use of the Google Maps API.

In addition to discussing the advantages to consuming APIs, Harman also covered some ways providing APIs helps a business' strategy:

  • Spreads your site's influence further
  • Helps end users be your best ambassadors
  • Helps others with their own core competence by doing what you do best

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