Flashpoint Launches v4 of its Business Risk Intelligence API

Flashpoint, business risk intelligence (BRI) solution provider, recently announced version 4 of its Flashpoint API. The API provides programmatic access to its suite of cyber security tools including (e.g. Finished Intelligence, Deep & Dark Web treats, etc.). With v4, Flashpoint has introduced a new dataset within the API: Risk Intelligence Observables (RIOs). RIOs are technical indicators that provide deeper insights into certain activities, and expands beyond what Flashpoint considers "traditional indicator-centric datasets."

Flashpoint has already tested v4 with a number of partners: Anomali, Silobreaker, ThreatConnect, and ThreatQuotient. These four Integration partners make up part of Flashpoint's Strategic Partner Network. This network of companies utilizes Flashpoint technology within their proprietary services with the goal of providing world class technologies to address cybercrime, fraud, and other threats.

The Flashpoint API aims to deliver near to real-time access to its security services. Because of RESTful API access, Flashpoint technology is available to entry-level users and enterprises alike. Through the API, users can search across Finished Intelligence, Deep & Dark Web data, and RIOs. A key component of Flashpoint's strategy is context surrounding threats, and the API's customization options allow users to define and address context to suit specific needs. Contact the Flashpoint team for more information.

Flashpoint has built an impressive partner community that relies on Flashpoint's innovation. With an API strategy pushing out new features (e.g. RIOs), the partner network should solidify and become stronger. Flashpoint CEO praised its developer community partners and commented that "a powerful sign of success for a company is foreign a robust ecosystem of partners."

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