Fleetio Launches Fleet Management API

Fleetio, fleet management solution provider, has launched an API that allows users to integrate fleet data into third-party apps and workflows. The Fleetio API allows such apps to programmatically access data such as vehicle records, maintenance logs, driver information, and more. Third-party apps can not only pull Fleetio-generated data, they can also update such data in real time without the need for bulk imports and exports.

“Our API opens Fleetio up to be a fleet operations platform rather than just a software product,” Tony Summerville, Fleetio founder and CEO, said in a press release. “App developers, internal IT teams, third-party software providers, and more can use our API to build real-time integrations and provide a seamless experience for customers.”

While Fleetio has proven a useful software package utilized by many companies with fleet management needs, bulk importing and exporting had remained a resource- and time-intensive task. API access to Fleetio functionality eliminates this step and early adopters have seen significant improvements. IDAT Solutions, for example, a transportation asset management company, began Fleetio API integration and saw immediate results.

“Fleetio’s API has improved our clients’ efficiency by eliminating the need for tedious importing and exporting,” Justin Alderman, IDAT Solutions CEO, commented. “We are now working to integrate Fleetio and our dispatching solutions with multiple platforms, making Fleetio a strong addition for our mutual clients.”

The RESTful API returns data in a JSON data format. Data available via the API include accounts, vehicles, contacts, meter entries, service entries, fuel entries, and work orders. For more information, visit the developer site. With its API release, Fleetio has moved one step further toward its goal to become the “digital hub for everything fleet-related.”

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Good addition of API by Fleetio , It 'll help to integrate with 3rd party software. Here my question is if I can use 2 softwares side by side like (Vinity Soft's Asset Managment) and (Fleet Management by Fleetio) for dealing my business asset & fleet managment? or Fleetio also providing solution for asset managment?


Impressive development from Fleetio team. We at Track, a Singapore-based startup, always look-up to the leaders such as Fleetio in developing our own system hoping to reach our main goal of providing fleet management solution for small & mid-size businesses at affordable cost.