Fleetly API: Watch that Fitness New Year's Resolution--And Everyone Else's!

The Fleetly API infuses your app with tools for the workout crew. Information is available through a user account. In a crowded fitness app market, Fleetly aims to make the work outs social. You earn badges but also get ranked against others.

Venturebeat laid out the field Fleetly competes in.

"Rivals include basic workout loggers such as GymBuddy. There are also apps for recording jogs such as Nike+, DailyMile, Runkeeper, and iMapmyRun. Fleetly hopes to set itself apart by covering the whole range of athletic endeavors. It also focuses on social Integration and motivating people through gamification. Points are based on real-world measures such as calories burned, body type, and weight loss. If you slack off, so too does your fitness level."

Among the intriguing advantages that set Fleetly apart: You can design your own workout and use Fleetly to manage it, as Lifehacker has done.

"Join the Challenge on Fleetly: One of the benefits of this program, of course, is that we're doing it together. We're setting up a group challenge on Fleetly for everyone who wants to join us. Once you log a certain number of workouts for the month, you'll get your special Lifehacker medal. (It's not about the badges, points, or other trappings, though, as much as we're all getting it done.)"

"We'll update and repost this article with a link to the challenge when we're ready to begin (in about a week or two) so you can participate, but you can get started with the Lifehacker Workout, of course, as soon as you want. Like now."

Thorin Klosowski, reporting in a different Lifehacker post, that workout buddies improve your results when you perceive them as better than you are. The key aspect relevant to Fleetly is that the buddy can be online, not necessarily working out together.

Among the recent challenges of 2012 (sure to be seen again in 2013): The 100 workouts featured above; run 100 miles; and sixpack 2012, a contest to see who can do the most crunches in the year.

Consider your new years resolutions carefully: now others can watch--if you want. Saving grace: we're all in this together! Happy New Year, aches, pains and all.

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