Flickr API: Now with Pandas

Flickr has announced the release of two new Flickr API methods. The new methods are related to what are known as the Flickr Pandas, an experimental service where several virtual pandas select safe, public Flickr photos they consider interesting, or photos which have been geotagged.


The new flickr.panda.getList method returns a list of currently available pandas. As of now there are three Flickr pandas:

Ling Ling and Hsing Hsing both return photos they are currently interested in, both have slightly different tastes in photos depending on their mood. The (currently) third Panda Wang Wang returns photos that have recently been geotagged, not quite realtime but close.

The second new method, flickr.panda.getPhotos, retrieves a list of recent public photos that a particular panda finds interesting.

One of the nice things about Flickr's API site is that you can experiment with the API's methods online, using the Flickr API explorer. Visit the flickr.panda.getList API explorer to get the current list of Flickr pandas; and visit the flickr.panda.getPhotos API explorer to get a list of photos a particular panda is currently featuring.

Flickr is one of the most widely used APIs online. See our Flickr API profile for an overview of the API, and browse our catalog of 420 Flickr mashups to see the range of apps developers have produced using the Flickr API as well as our listing of Flickr source code examples and how-to guides.

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