Flickr Mashup Books

Want to learn how to code your own mashups? Try reading a book. There's a growing library of books available now that are either fully or partially dedicated to programming mashups. I'll start a series of posts on these books starting with a few for the Flickr API:

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[...] APIs were the topic at our Septemeber Web Innobators meeting and Adam has some notes. On the topic of what companies get out of having an API, if it’s good enough, people will write books about it. We’ve seen it with the Google Hacks and Amazon Hacks books and now the trend continues with a line of Flickr books. I’d argue that this is a good sign that your service has arrived, helps to increase mindshare and gets more people using your service, which ultimately will increase the bottom line. But, again the key here is it has to be from a service that’s compelling enough. So, producing an API to your new web service is probably not important to get in the intial set of features. But, if your service starts to gain traction, you better be considering it. [...]

[...] And, if you want to program your own Flickr mashups, last fall we looked at 3 how-to books on Flickr mashups, the newest of which, Flickr Mashups by David A. Wilkinson, just hit the stores two weeks ago. We’ll have more on this and other mashup books coming-soon. [...]