From Flight Times to Concert Tickets - 7 Newest APIs

Besides adding 33 new mashups this week, it was also a busy week here for new APIs, with an average of 2 new APIs added to our API directory per day. Here's a rundown of the first 7 from this past week:

fbowebfboweb API: fboweb's Flight Data API and PlaneXML allow developers to pull near real-time flight tracking data for flights in the US and surrounding areas. fboweb also provides access to flight data on 141 million flights dating back to November of 2001.

idiomagidiomag API: Idiomag, the online music magazine, has an API that lets you access articles, photos, videos, images and play lists from the Idiomag archives. You can also access the Idiomag music recommendation engine.

PosterousPosterous API: Using Posterous, content can be shared anywhere online via email. Posterous provides users with personal blogs and supports a variety of file formats, including documents, images, and media.

Globe LabsGlobe Labs API: Globe Labs offers telecommunications services develop applications across fixed and wireless networks. Using their API you can integrate messaging or location-based services into your apps.

NeedishNeedish API: Needish is a service that lets your business "post what you need and receive help and price quotes from businesses and people around you". Based out of Santiago, Chile.

XtifyXtify API: Xtify is designed to "let you location enable your web application without writing any native mobile software." It acts as a bridge between smart phone users and web developers. The Xtify API provides an interface for a web content provider to access a user's location.

TicketStumblerTicketStumbler API: TicketStumbler is a secondary ticket market search engine and comparison website. They search thousands of ticket listings from hundreds of brokers and ticket exchanges across the web. TicketStumbler provides ticket comparison services to let you to find the good seats and prices.

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