FlightStats Flex APIs Open Flight Data to Developers

FlightStats, leading provider of global flight information, has launched the FlightStats Flex APIs to put FlightStats' rich data in the hands of third-party developers. The product is a suite of APIs that allows developers access to a variety of flight/airport data (i.e. flight status in near real-time, flights in progress tracking, map-based tracking, flight schedules and availability, and airport information). FlightStats' data covers 99.5% of U.S. flights, and more than 80% of commercial flights worldwide. FlightStats CEO, Jeff Kennedy, hopes that the new APIs will "[make] our customers' development process easier and [help] to get their applications up and running quickly."

Prior to the APIs, FlightStats received more than five million queries a day from travelers looking for better insight into their flight information. FlightStats already powered a number of customers' applications and services (e.g. mobile apps like Triplt and Mobiata, and flight boards at numerous airports and hotels). However, the API suite has also developed a strong customer base (e.g. Kayak, Expedia, American Airlines, Hilton, and many more).

FlightStats Flex APIs support REST and SOAP protocols and provides data in XML, JSON, and JSONP formats. The FlightStats Developer Center eases Integration with interactive Documentation. Additionally, the Developer Center provides monitoring tools and analytics.

Kennedy continued, "FlightStats leads the pack with the best and most complete data available worldwide." Now that the data is available to third-party developers, the applications are seemingly endless. The logistics of traveling via plane seem to get more and more complicated; however, FlightStats hopes to streamline the complicated logistics and empower travelers by enabling developers with the best data available. Visit the Developer Center for a free thirty day trial.

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