Flutter 1.2 Focuses On Refinements

Google today released Flutter 1.2, what it calls the first "feature release" for the software Repo. Flutter made its initial debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2018. After previewing the tool for much of the year, Google made the 1.0 version of Flutter available in December 2018. It bodes well that the search giant has iterated on Flutter so rapidly. 

Google points out that it has focused its efforts the last few months on improving several major aspects of Flutter. The company has beefed up its testing and code, cleared a backlog of bug fix requests, and smoothed over performance. Google also improved language support, with entries such as Swahili. 

The Material and Cupertino widget sets, for example, support more flexible usage. Google says it is working hard to deliver pixel-perfect fidelity on iOS. Google has added support for floating cursor text editing and a wider set of animation functions. There are new keyboard events, and mouse hover support has been added ahead of what Google terms as "support for desktop-class operating systems." 

Plug-ins have received plenty of attention from Google. The company says work is underway to support in-app purchases, and there are bug fixes for the video player, webview, and maps. Android App Bundles are a welcome addition, and Google points out that a new packaging format helps reduce app sizes. 

A fresh widget inspector lets developers visualize Flutter's tree hierarchy for rendering. A timeline view helps developers more easily diagnose applicaitons at a frame-by-frame level. Google says a source-level debugger can guide developers through code steo-by-steo to find problems, ans a logging view provides a clear look at major changes as developers update their apps. These are all for web-based developers.

Last among the major updates is support for the Dart 2.2 SDK. Google claims this brings pretty big improvements to compile code. More information on Dart 2.2 is available here

Developers should keep their eyes peeled for Flutter updates, as Google says its goal now is to ship a 1.x update about once perr month, even if that means the beta channel. 

A dedicated YouTube channel is available here for those interested in keeping up with the latest in Flutter news. 


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