Fog Creek Releases HyperDev Developer PlayGround

Fog Creek Software, a software development company known for products such as Trello, Stack Overflow, Kiln, and FogBugz, has announced the release of HyperDev (beta), a developer playground for building full-stack Web applications. Developers can use HyperDev to build Web applications and experiment with front-end and back-end code without having to configure servers, run shell commands, compile files, and complete other extraneous tasks. Developers can also use HyperDev to collaborate on code editing in real time and share code with other developers.

Screenshot of HyperDev community project that renders SVG charts on the server-side with D3. The chart is rendered on a separate page, not the same page as the code. - View Live.

The HyperDev platform features automated deployment and instant hosting; it essentially works like a private server so that developers can focus on writing code. At the time of this writing, HyperDev only supports Node.js; however, the company plans on supporting all major languages and frameworks. HyperDev team lead Daniel X Moore told ProgrammableWeb that Python and Perl will likely be the next languages to be supported. “Meteor, TypeScript, Dart, and Rust have also been popular suggestions amongst our early adopters,” said Moore. 

HyperDev is one of a number of developer playgrounds available today. Other code playgrounds include CodePen, CSSDeck, JS Bin, and JSFiddle. While HyperDev shares some of the same features as other code playgrounds, the platform differs in that it is for front-end and back-end code. Most of the other code playgrounds are front-end only. HyperDev also allows users to have as many files as they want so that they can build full-stack Web applications. Some of the other code playgrounds limit users to a single HTML, CSS, and JavaScript file.

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