API: A Social Space For Film Buffs

For avid fans of television and film, provides a Platform to discuss, review, recommend, make connections with other like-minded enthusiasts and indulge in general movie banter. also provides an easy to use the API that allows developers to integrate its functionalities with other applications.


The website provides the infrastructure for an online social community to flourish. People can share their movie collections, ratings and recommendations with other users, as well as keep up with what movies or series other people are watching and how they have rated them. The service also includes other nifty features such as a User Ranking page and a personalised Charts page. The User Ranking page tallies up points earned by watching movies; the more you watch, the more you score. The Charts page includes three graphs - one that shows how many movies a user and a friend have watched over a period of a few months, one that shows which movie genre the user has watched the most over time, and one that charts the user's global rank over time.

The folks at are keen to see their data used in new and interesting ways and encourage third party developers to make use of the API. The API allows access to almost every feature that is available on the website and is available for free to everyone who has an API Key. To request an API key, users must sign up for a account.

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