Foodcare: The API a Day that Keeps the Doctor Away

If healthy eating is about willpower, and all the more so in restaurants, the Foodcare API can fortify your effort. The Foodcare data is all about dining that's tuned to specific dietary requirements. Before looking at the API, it's easiest to understand the power of these tools in how they are organized in its app, called "Everyone Eats." As shown in a handy tutorial, the end user enters their profile into the app. This includes age, height BMI, and activity level as well as your health conditions if you have any, like diabetes, hypertension, and so on. You can then select restaurants in your area that offer dishes that meet those needs. The only menu items that appear on your mobile device are tailored to your profile. In addition to the features outlined above, you can nominate a favorite restaurant to be added to Foodcare's database. They will--get this--call the restaurant to sign them up. As you can imagine, making sure that the dietary information driving all this is the most reliable possible is at the heart of making it all work. As Foodcare mentions prominently on its website, the company works with National Kidney Foundation, the American Heart Association, Celiac Sprue Association, USDA, and the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, among others. In a neat twist, you can allow your dietitian to see your information as well. Don't have a dietitian yet? Well... Foodcare thought of this, too; Foodcare has a database of local dietitians you can tap into. That, in a nutshell, is the app Everyone Eats. The data that it draws on is all available in the API. From nutrition facts covering hundreds of thousands of foods, beverages, vitamins and recipes, to personal nutrition insights based on guidelines for chronic health conditions, the company is committed to making everything available. Access to the technical information on the API is available through registration. Bon apetite!

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