FoodEssentials Provides Access to Most Comprehensive Food Label Data with LabelAPI

FoodEssentials, aimed at solving food label data problems through technology, launched the LabelAPI. The API allows developers to integrate the most comprehensive, up-to-date food and drink product label database into apps and websites. Since 2004, FoodEssentials has dedicated itself to enlightening the food choice process. FoodEssentials CEO, Anton Xavier, summarizes:

"Our mission is to make vast amounts of food label data accessible to brands, developers as well as government entities, while keeping it simple to analyze."

FoodEssentials aggregates food label data and processes raw information to assign additive, allergen, ingredient and nutrient properties to each product. Currently, the FoodEssential database matches over 75% of product labels scanned by its developer partners. FoodEssentials hopes to increase its accuracy rate to over 95% by the end of 2012 and provide accurate, real-time food label data to all shoppers.

The LabelAPI uses REST protocol and a JSON data format. Developers can call product label data from over 50 million products, and 56,000 products are updated or added each month. The public API is free (up to 1000 calls per day). Developers interested can register in the members area.

Healthcare has taken a center stage spot in social and political forums around the world. Accordingly, the technology community has responded with fitness, health, and other wellness apps and APIs. Without question, food choices play an essential role in the overall health of the world. Accordingly, better access to food data should empower those making food choice decisions and the FoodEssential LabelAPI allows easy access to the most comprehensive food label information database through any app or website.

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[...] The FoodEssentials LabelAPI allows developers to integrate an up-to-date, comprehensive food and drink product label database into apps and websites. Currently, the database can match product labels scanned by its developer partners roughly 75% percent of the time. To learn more about the LabelAPI visit the FoodEssentials site as well as the LabelAPI blog post. [...]