Ford launches 7 Global Challenges to address urban issues

Ford has launched a series of challenges under the Innovate Mobility umbrella that invites developers to find solutions to communities across the world. The interesting aspect of these challenges is that it aims to address a key issue facing some of the large cities across the world. The problems are uniquely identified for each cities and developers are expected to use their knowledge of the local conditions, data sets and Ford Open XC Platform as applicable to come up with innovative solutions.

Challenge Post announced a total of 7 challenges that come under the Innovate Mobility series. Three of these challenges are now open to developers across the world, while the others will open up in a sequential fashion across the next few weeks.

The 3 challenges currently open are:

  • Parking Lot 2.0 : This challenge aims to find solutions to the excess parking lots across Los Angeles and how to extend utilities of these parking lots beyond just parking spaces, which go unutilized.
  • Monsoon Downpour : This challenge wants developers to help citizens in Mumbai wade through their Monsoon season in a better way. The solutions need to address mobility especially since the monsoon cripples the ability to travel easily across the city. 
  • City Mobility Challenge: This challenge addresses the problem of effectively providing utlity services across the congested city of Lisbon in Portugal. 

The submissions for the above 3 challenges is open from July 15th to October 14th. The prize money is significant in each of these challenges. The Grand Prize winner in each challenge will win $15K. There are prizes for 2nd, 3rd place along with a popular choice award and a special award for the best Ford Open XC Integration

Ford Open XC Platform is a hardware/software in-vehicle platform that allows for custom pluggable applications and provides vehicle data that could be optimally used to create unique driving experiences and feedback.

The remaining 4 challenges in this series are not yet opened. Those challenges include addressing traffic congestion in Shanghai, accessories for vehicles in Johannesburg, provide health to rural regions across Chennai and provide fast and efficient health information across Delhi. 

Refer to the Innovate Mobility Series challenge site for full details.

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