Ford Opens SYNC 3 Platform to Developers via API

At last week's Ford Developer Conference, Ford announced that its new SYNC 3 platform would include an API open to the developer community. API access to the platform will allow developers to build apps that integrate with SYNC 3 enabled vehicles. SYNC 3 enabled vehicles include features such as voice recognition, touch screen, and more.

Ford named the technology that allows app-vehicle communication AppLink. AppLink allows the app developer community to integrate with SYNC 3 enabled vehicles with voice control and allows apps to appear on a vehicle's SYNC screen. Ford first rolled out a developer program in 2013. Since the initial launch, over 90 smartphone compatible apps have been developed for AppLink. The latest release should only increase that number.

New features included with the SYNC 3 release include in-vehicle notifications, voice pass-through, and vehicle information access. In-vehicle notifications allow apps to send push notifications to drivers through the SYNC screen and audio systems. Voice pass-through allows developers to utilize voice-activated services to enhance in-app experiences. Vehicle information access includes real-time vehicle data including fuel economy, battery voltage, external temperature, fuel level, safety belt status, acceleration, driver braking, GPS, speed, tire pressure, VIN, odometer, and engine RPM.

The idea of a connected car continues to materialize. Ford's SYNC 3 platform built upon early connected car technology and API access to the platform widens the potential for app integration with Ford vehicles. To learn more, visit the SYNC site

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