FormAssembly Launches New API For Use with Third-Party Applications

 FormAssembly, a web based forms and surveys Platform, has just announced the launch of the new FormAssembly API which allows Developers, FormAssembly customers and partners to create third-party applications that interact with the FormAssembly platform.


The FormAssembly platform allows users to create customized payment forms, online applications, surveys and contact forms regardless of their programming or technical knowledge. FormAssembly also allows for integrations with other web platforms such as Google Apps, WordPress, SalesForce, CapsuleCRM, PayPal, FreshBooks and many others.

Using the new FormAssembly API, developers can create applications that can query the list of forms under a particular account, query the responses submitted for each form and export responses and forms in JSON, XML and HTML formats. There are currently three code examples available; CURL, PHP and Python.

API Documentation is available on GitHub and developers interested in using the API can request access at the FormAssembly Developers Hub.

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