Forty Seven Bank Launches API to Support Financial Applications

Forty Seven Bank, financial technology application Platform provider, has launched the first version of its API. The API allows developers to create banking apps within Forty Seven Bank's App Store. The API is based on the Open Bank Project, and compliant with both UK legislation and the Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2). To support the API launch, Forty Seven Bank has launched a developer site, an API site, and an API explorer site.

The Forty Seven Bank developer site includes API overview, architecture, API docs, SDKs, tools, examples, and the app store. Here, developers can find all the resources needed to get started with APIs, SDKs, and the Forty Seven Bank App Store.

The API site allows developers to obtain an API Key, explore API features, and get started with the API. After account creation, developers need to connect apps, and can then test apps using customer data. APIs available from Forty Seven Bank include accounts, branches/ATMs, transactions, metadata, counterparties, entitlements, customer meetings/messages/video conferencing, security challenges, payments & transaction requests, and onboarding/KYC. For more information, visit the API docs.

The API explorer lets developers dive into the various APIs available from Forty Seven Bank. Here, developers can create a Sandbox, manage consumers, pull metrics, and much more. Given the compliance obligations that Forty Seven Bank has submitted to in its API strategy, the API and corresponding tools will be updated frequently. Changes and updates can be accessed through the API explorer.

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