ForwardLane Launches Two AI-Driven FinTech APIs

ForwardLane, an AI-driven Fintech startup, has introduced two new APIs: the Personalized Insights API and the Expert Conversation API. Both APIs utilize natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning to provide insights to financial professionals. ForwardLane's Machine Learning technology enables the delivery of custom insights on a per client basis.

The Personalized Insights API aims to empower wealth management professionals. Users can deliver their clients custom insights based on the client's particular goals and investments. The NLP crawls client profile data and business data to develop a tailored message. Research that previously took hours to perform can be done in milliseconds with ForwardLane technology. API Documentation is not publicly available. Those interested should fill out a contact me form.

The Expert Conversation API is targeted at institutional finance firms. Such firms gain automated access to firm and market data. Market-related events, specific firm strategies and portfolio impact analysis are all readily available through the API. News, research, and specific products are all run through the Expert Conversation API and its associated algorithms to provide next level insights. Those interested should also fill out a contact me form for more information.

ForwardLane CEO, Nathan Stevenson, believes the new offering "ties humans with machines for exciting new solutions." It's likely impossible for a single, human advisor to adequately digest the amount of data running through ForwardLane's APIs. Accordingly, expect new, actionable insights to come from ForwardLane users. Whether such insights and actions produce meaningful results will be seen in time.

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